Taliban ‘hit squads’ seen in bizarre karate-style training video smashing plates and grappling in hand-to-hand combat

TALIBAN bosses have released a bizarre propaganda video showing their fighters doing martial arts as it continues to celebrate the conquest of Afghanistan.

The footage shows the jihadis smashing through boards, doing flying punches through plates, throwing jump-kicks and staging karate movie-esque fight scenes.

Taliban chiefs shared the video on social media as the terror group continues to shamelessly revel in its success after seizing power in Afghanistan.

The martial arts stunts are also spliced together with more chilling pictures of jihadi fighters wielding US-made weapons.

And it also included devices such as explosive suicide vests and car bombs which are being drawn on a flatbed behind a truck.

The vile weapons were described as the "military industry of the Mujaheddin".

The procession appears to have taken place in front of a group of Taliban leaders who sat watching from a makeshift grandstand.

In the footage the group are called "the lodge" and many have their faces pixelated.

It is understood to have been filmed in Kandahar and the full 40 minute cut of the footage was broadcast on state TV.

The television special appears to be a "celebration" of the Taliban's military and featured numerous goose-stepping parades of fighters in dress uniforms and riding horses.

The terrorists also showed off stolen weapons both US and Russian made – including rocket launchers and assault weapons.

Terrorists wearing camo gear and black balaclavas then break apart boards and pottery before taking part in seemingly highly choreographed mock fights.

"It is a group of martyrdom-seekers who skilfully present near-fighting and military karate demonstrations," the Taliban said.

And in one stunt, a jihadi appears to "break the neck" of another fighter like in a cheesy Hollywood action scene – before the compilation cuts to one fighter running across his comrades backs.

Taliban fighters are then seen doing target practice wearing US-style uniforms – before the video then cuts to a fighter doing a flying kick to another man wearing a balaclava.

Then militants doing move to form words and arrows which can be seen from above while marching in a highly organised formation.

The shameless Taliban has been in a celebratory mood over the last few days since Western forces officially withdrew from Afghanistan on August 31.

Sweeping across the country in a matter of weeks, the extremist group have reinstalled the ruthless regime that was toppled by the US, the UK and their allies 20 years ago.

It has been described by experts as the "greatest jihadi victory" of all time – and has been warned to be a rallying call for militants worldwide.

Numerous shows of strength have been carried out by the Taliban in the last few days as they flaunted their enormous arsenal of US weapons.

American forces spent $85billion arming the Afghan army, only for it to totally collapse and be swept away by the Taliban.

Trucks, aircraft and guns have all been left behind – with potentially billions of dollars worth of kit now in the hands of the militia and ready to be used against the people of Afghanistan.

US and other Western forces have now officially withdrawn after a muddled exit which was compared to the end of the Vietnam War.

However, resistance fighters are continuing the gather in the Panjshir Valley as they continue to deny the Taliban's rule.

US President Joe Biden is facing heavy criticism over the pullout which is believed to leave millions of Afghans to their fate at their hands of the ruthless new regime.

When the Taliban last ruled Afghanistan they imposed medieval-style laws with vicious executions, torture and brutal punishments.

The group however appears to be attempting to present a more modern face with a slick PR operation – including an appearance Good Morning Britain – and promises of an "amnesty" for their enemies.

But reports of door-to-door killings are widespread – with any allies of the West particularly at risk.

Foreign secretary Dominic Raab today said that Britain will not be recognising the Taliban as Afghanistan's government "for the foreseeable future".

He said the Western world needed to "adjust to the new reality" that the brutal insurgents have captured the country and are now in charge.

The Cabinet Minister told reporters: "We will not be recognising the Taliban anytime in the foreseeable future.

"But I think there is an important scope for engagement and dialogue."

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