Teachers amazed as coyote strolls into classroom on students’ first day back

A school is considering a new mascot after finding a wild coyote inside the building before lessons started.

Teachers and administrative staff were waiting in the hallways at Our Lady of Lourdes school in Los Angeles, US, when they saw the small animal stroll into an eighth-grade classroom, according to UPI.

The coyote, which is similar to a wolf but smaller, jumped up onto a shelf behind the teacher's desk and sat perched amongst the photos and files.

The incident took place at around 7.30am, soon before students were expected back in school after their holidays.

The wild animal was later safely removed by animal control.

In response to the unexpected visitor, the school joked that it was "considering a new mascot" in a Facebook post.

Coyotes usually weigh between 20 to 50lbs, and will eat almost anything.

National Geographic claims that, because they sometimes kill lambs, calves and even pets, many farmers regard them as "destructive pests".

The small mammals can run as fast as 40 miles an hour, and communicate with a distinctive call.

Wildlife expert Jennifer Brent warned people that if they come in contact with a coyote or any wild animal, the best thing to do is back off.

She told ABC7 : "Don't feed it, don't try to pet it.

"These are all things that are detrimental to the coyote and detrimental to you. You want the coyote to get away from you, get away from people."

The expert explained that, as climate change drives the extreme drought, animals like coyotes will flee their natural habitat desperately search for food and water in populated areas.

"The animals are suffering. The people are suffering," she added.

"It will be a very sad day when we say goodbye to the last finch, the last giraffe, the last elephant, and right now frankly, we are looking at that in our lifetime."

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