Teaching kids 'white privilege is fact' & encouraging 'defund the police' is against law, minister says

TEACHING kids that "white privilege is fact" and encouraging them to support the movement to "defund the police" is illegal, the equalities minister has said.

Kemi Badenoch slammed teachers who push "political" movements on students and blasted suggestions the British school curriculum needed to be "decolonised" after the Black Lives Matter protests earlier this year.

In a scorching statement against teachers who politicise kids' classes, Ms Badenoch said: "We do not want to see teachers teaching their pupils about white privilege and their inherited racial guilt.

"And let me be clear, any school which teaches these elements of political race theory as fact, or which promotes partisan political views such as defunding the police without offering a balanced treatment of opposing views, is breaking the law."

The surge in support to "defund the police" was a defining piece of the Black Lives Matter protests, which stormed through cities in the UK, and in Bristol tore down a statue of slaver Edward Colston.

Labour must stop pretending the movement is not a "completely wholesome" anti-racist political group and condemn some of the "pernicious" acts by protesters, Ms Badenoch said as she repeated a racial slur in the Commons.

She recalled a horrible incident during the hight of the protests in London: "Black lives do matter, of course they do, but we know that the Black Lives Matter movement – capital B, L, M – is political.

"I know this, because at the height of the protest, I've been told of white Black Lives Matter protesters calling – and I apologise for saying this word – calling a black armed police officer guarding Downing Street a 'pet n*****'."

Ms Badenoch said her commitment to keeping kids lessons free of racial politics was a cause close to her heard because the movement sees her "blackness as victimhood, and their whiteness as oppression".

She said: "But why does this issue mean so much to me? It is not just because I'm a first generation immigrant, it is because my daughter came home from school this month and said 'we're learning Black History Month because every other month is about white history'.

"This is wrong and this is not what our children should be picking up. These are not the values I have taught her."

Ms Badenoch blasted Labour MP Dawn Butler who claimed black kids are made to feel inferior by what they are taught at school and the history curriculum needs to be "decolonised".

It is entirely right that British kids learn the history of their own country, the Equalities Minister said, and torched suggestions schools should be overrun with the "fad" of decolonising subjects as wide ranging as maths, science and engineering.

Universities had made race the "defining principle" of what students learn and were threatening the integrity of educations, she said.

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