Teenager is left with a knife stuck in her FACE after being robbed

Teenager is left with a knife stuck in her FACE after she is robbed in Malaysia

  • The unnamed girl, 19, was stabbed in the face after finishing work on Tuesday
  • She was attacked by an armed robber in the Malaysian city of Bukit Tengah 
  • Horrifying footage shows her sitting with the knife still embedded in her face

This is the horrifying moment a teenager was found covered in blood with a knife embedded in her cheek.

The unnamed 19-year-old shop assistant had finished work last Tuesday night and was walking to her when a robber confronted her.

The man allegedly grabbed the girl’s handbag but she resisted. He grappled with her before plunging the kitchen knife into her face and fleeing with her valuables in Bukit Tengah, Malaysia at around 9.30pm.

Footage from the scene shows her calmly sitting on a wall with the weapon sticking out just below her right eye while passers-by come to her aid.

Police said the girl was still conscious and was rushed to Bukit Mertajam hospital where she was recovering after the attack.

The girl could be seen with blood covering the front of her white shirt and the knife sticking out of her cheek

In a gruesome video taken at the scene the woman can be seen sitting on the pavement recovering from her wounds

A source from the scene told local media that the woman had walked down a ‘dark alley’ when she was confronted.

The said: ‘The victim was struggling with the man who had stolen her valuables. The man stabbed the victim’s face with a knife then ran away with it still stuck there.

‘He escaped and the woman was covered in blood. She was helped by members of the public.’

Seberang Perai Central District Police Chief Assistant Commissioner, Mr Nik Ros Azhan Nik Abdul Hamid, confirmed the case and said they were searching for a ‘well-built man’ who had tried to steal the victim’s handbag.

He said: ‘The victim, who is from Chai Leng Park in Perai, sustained injuries to her abdomen and neck. Her right cheek was also badly injured after the robber stabbed her with a knife.’

He said the victim is receiving emergency treatment at the Bukit Mertajam Hospital where officers were waiting to take her statement.

He added: ‘A check at the scene showed that although the car park is located behind a commercial centre, there are street lights at the scene.

‘We are collecting the CCTV recordings near the scene to track down the suspect. We are also looking for eyewitness to assist us in the investigation.’

The footage also shows emergency services and horrified onlookers flooding the scene as they scramble to help the teenager

She was said to have sustained injuries to the abdomen and neck as well as the wound to her face

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