Temporary no-stopping zone put in place on Highway 93 S due to bears

Parks Canada is enforcing a no-stopping zone along Highway 93 south in Kootenay National Park due to increased bear activity. A move they’ve taken before.

The zone stretches 15 kilometers between the Radium Hot Pools and Settler’s Road, according to a bulletin released by Parks Canada on Thursday.

RCMP will be beefing up patrols in the area and those caught pulling over can face fines ranging from $115 to a maximum $25,000 and a mandatory court appearance.


No stopping warning on Highway 93S because of bears

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Many bears feed heavily on spring vegetation and dandelions along this 15-kilometre stretch of Highway 93 south,” Parks Canada said in a statement.

“Narrow shoulders and blind corners, combined with multiple grizzly and black bears focused on finding food, make stopping here unsafe. The no-stopping zone and temporary closures allow bears to feed undisturbed and prevents traffic congestion that is dangerous for both bears and people.”

Olive Lake day use areas and Cobb Lake Trail are both closed due to bear activity as well as all restrooms in the no stopping zone.

Parks Canada is reminding drivers if they do see a bear outside of the no-stopping zone to give bears their space, beware of other traffic and consider not pulling over at all. Vehicles required to do break checks by law can still do so. The no-stopping zone will remain in place until the bears start moving to higher elevations and away from the highway.


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