Tense moment Chinese fighter pilot intercepts US jet near Taiwan and orders plane to 'divert immediately'

A US plane flying near the Taiwan Strait was allegedly issued an ominous warning by a Chinese fighter jet: change course immediately or prepare to be obstructed.

An "airman" is heard saying over the radio: "This is China Naval Air Force on guard. You are approaching Chinese air domain, change your course immediately or you will be intercepted."

Pro-Beijing tabloid The People's Daily tweeted that the audio clip was taken on July 23 when an American military plane "was driven away by a Chinese jet", according to the Daily Mail.

Although the clip purportedly "shows" the incident, the Mail reported that it was actually footage used alongside the audio clip.

The dubious claim comes amid escalating tensions between the US and Beijing over the South China Sea.

US and Australian diplomats vowed to renew and strengthen its alliance against China, which they accused of violating international rules in the South China Sea.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper, Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne and Australian Defense Minister Linda Reynolds have agreed to pursue "increase and regularized maritime cooperation" in the South China Sea.

In a joint statement last week, both countries also agreed to set up new ways to work together to tackle disinformation linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

Pompeo said the US and Australia face "immediate crises" that must be tackled at once, like COVID-19 and "Chinese communist party ambitions."

On Friday, Chinese and Australian diplomats clashed on Twitter over Beijing's actions after Canberra backed an earlier statement from the US saying it refused to recognize most of China's territorial claims in the South China Sea.

Experts say the US has pushed for Australia to conduct freedom of navigation exercises, but the country down under has resisted doing so partly to avoid ruffling feathers with China, its largest trading partner.

“We don’t agree on everything though, and that’s part of a respectful relationship,” Payne said after the meeting with US officials.

She also noted that Australia’s relationship with Beijing was important “and we have no intention of injuring it… but nor do we intend to do things that are contrary to our interest," the Guardian reported.

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