Tesco shoppers shove each other out of the way in discount frenzy

Supermarket scramble! Tesco shoppers shove each other out of the way and fling cut-price items into their baskets in discount food frenzy

  • Shoppers at Tesco in Bromley by Bow push to get discounted items from trolley
  • Around 10 people wait at a fire exit for member of staff to wheel out the bargains
  • The people rush towards door and throw items into bags as quickly as possible 

Bizarre footage has emerged of bargain hunters angrily shoving each other out of the way to get their hands on discounted food in Tesco.

The footage, thought to have been filmed in Bromley by Bow, east London, shows around 10 people pushing into one another when cheap food is wheeled out.

While waiting for the discounted items to be brought out, one woman tells another to ‘step back’ while using her hand to push her back.

The group of shoppers wait by the fire exit as another woman looks in a green box, left, before they rush forward and pounce on the discounted items, right, when staff open the door

The group of shoppers can be seen waiting at the fire exit where the Tesco employee wheels out the trolley containing the reduced items.

Once the worker begins to push the double doors open, the bargain hunters rush forward and jostle one another to grab whatever is on the trolley.

Someone exclaims: ‘Goodness me!’

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One woman throws whatever she can rummage out of the pile straight into her shopping bag while another flings vegetables into a shopping basket. 

Another woman almost takes a tumble after she is pushed by the desperate crowd trying to get the cheap food, but she quickly recovers and tries to get items as well. 

The clip was uploaded to Twitter with the caption: ‘Avoid Tesco at 10pm at night.’

Shoppers push each other to try and get a first look at the bargains, left, and one woman puts food straight into her shopping bag, right, as others keep trying to grab the items

According to the man who filmed the footage: ‘There is always a huge queue at 10pm. I think it reflects the poverty of the borough.’

The footage comes after a number of videos have gone viral of shoppers attacking one another for cheap food.

Back in March 2017, footage emerged of a group of Tesco customers aggressively lunging at each other to pinch cheap fruit and vegetables.

And in February of last year, police were called to break up a brawl in Asda over some yellow sticker reduced price products.

The incident occured in Trafford in Greater Manchester with no arrests made but one man suffered from minor injuries.

Tesco have been contacted for comment. 

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