These stylish ‘Crocs that aren’t Crocs’ will even have fashion lovers fooled

Crocs have a complicated reputation. The shoes are famous for being incredibly comfortable, making them super sought after, especially in the quarantine era. But Crocs haven’t exactly had a reputation as the pinnacle of fashion-forward footwear — until now.

TikTok user @annamariiaxo, who is a Crocs employee, recently started a series on the platform highlighting Crocs that aren’t your typical clog style. She has dubbed this stylish selection of shoes as “Crocs that aren’t Crocs” — and after taking a look at these styles, you won’t believe you ever took the Crocs name in vain.

hi if your seeing this it means go to your local crocs ##FashionEdit

With wedge and sandal styles making up the bulk of the recommendations, these shoes are perfect for summer. While wedges in particular aren’t known for being comfortable footwear, Crocs wedges are another story. The chunky heels aren’t weighted or hard, meaning you won’t have angry feet at the end of the day.

There’s a good number of Crocs gems seemingly hidden among the clog styles you know and probably have mixed feelings about. Leave it to TikTok to finally give them due recognition.

More crocs that aren’t crocs… ##crocs##fashionedit

Check out the ‘Crocs that aren’t Crocs’ recommended by @annamariiaxo below. Who knew Gen Z would bring back Crocs — and make it fashion?

Shop: Crocs Brooklyn Low Wedge, $54.99

Shop: Crocs Brooklyn Mid Wedge, $54.99

Shop: Crocs Brooklyn High Wedge, $59.99

Shop: Classic Crocs Slides, $24.99

Shop: Crocs Tulum Toe Post Sandal, $39.99

Shop: Crocs Tulum Open Flat, $39.99

Shop: Crocs Tulum Sandal, $39.99

Shop: Crocs LiteRide Pacer, $59.99

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