Thug with 169 convictions assaulted cop with flapjack and cup of water while he was under arrest – The Sun

A MAN assaulted a cop with a flapjack and a cup of water while he was under arrest.
Jason Higgins, who has 169 previous convictions, lashed out after getting the snack in his cell.

A detention officer was sprayed with water in the incident at Tonbridge police station in Kent.
Higgins, of Maidstone was angry at not being allowed hot drinks after hurling a cup of tea two weeks earlier.
The 49-year-old admitted two assaults on an emergency worker and got a 12-month conditional discharge.

He had been due to face trial at Maidstone crown court.

But Judge David Griffith-Jones QC said it would be “quite absurd” to do so “on an allegation of throwing a flapjack and some water”.

“On April 9 while in custody, a decision was made not to provide him with cups of tea because of what had happened previously,” said prosecutor Daniel Stevenson.
“Detention officer Gary Hughes went to the defendant’s cell and provided him with a cup of water and a flapjack and stepped away from the cell.


“The defendant stood up, walked towards the door and said ‘That’s not what I f***ing asked for.’

“Higgins then picked up the flapjack and hit the cup with the back of his hand, causing the water to spray all over the officer.”

Jason Higgins was told the assault, which occurred while he was under arrest at Tonbridge police station in Kent, "fell at the lower end of the scale" in terms of seriousness for such an offence.

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