Tiger King’s Joe Exotic attacked tiger moms with sticks & fire extinguishers to snatch their babies, ex employee claims – The Sun

TIGER King Joe Exotic and his motley crew of zoo employees used barbaric methods to pry desperate tiger moms away from their babies, an ex-employee has claimed.

Gaylynn Eastwood told how the gang used sticks and fire extinguishers to "smoke" the moms away from their babies, as part of her new Fox Nation show “A Tiger King Investigation".

Speaking to Nancy Grace of Crime Online, she said: “In some instances, they would have to poke and prod [tiger moms].

“I did witness them use fire extinguishers one time to … basically smoke the mom out of the house, away from the baby, you know, because it’s a mom’s instinct to stay with her young when they’re first born.”

“So, you know, you got sticks, you got him firing guns up in the air for the noise,” she said.

The barbaric practice was because the young cats lost all worth past the age of around four months, Ms Eastwood explained.

She said once cubs past a certain age they're "not making money anymore…so they’re shoved up into cages".


Ms Eastwood added that if none of the methods worked, they'd then shoot the mom with a sedative dart and remove the cub themselves.

And it's not the first time the "Tiger King" has been accused of mistreating his animals.

Erik Cowie, the head zookeeper at the GW Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma, told DailyMailTV: "Several of the big cats would have eaten him alive if given the chance."

And he suggested Joe didn't spend enough time with the cats "to truly bond with them," noting how one lion "would try to chew through the cage to get at him."

Joe and another zoo worker put down eight tigers in one day, Cowie claimed.

He said: "They euthanized them and had a veterinarian sign off on them with excuses like, they were too old, sick, etc.

"Most of the time a veterinarian wasn't even around when things like that would happen, but he would write it down on a log, so he could be covered in case government inspectors wanted to check his books."

Zoo manager Kelci "Saff" Saffery, whose arm was severed in a tiger attack, as shown on the Netflix docuseries, called Joe an animal abuser who killed tigers for greed, CrimeOnline reported.

When asked if Joe Exotic shot the tigers that had been in cages himself, he confirmed: "Yes, every time."

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