To Defend Ivanka, Trump Just Invented 100,000 Hillary Clinton Emails Which Never Existed

Double standards, anyone?

Donald Trump doesn’t mind using flawed logic to get him out of a hole, and in some cases when even that doesn’t work, the president simply “invents” facts.

Another example of such inventiveness came this week when Trump, who has seen the now Democrat-controlled House Oversight and Government Reform Committee begin an investigation into whether or not Ivanka Trump used private email for government-related business, cooked up more than a 100,000 Hillary Clinton emails which don’t exist.

Clinton had used her private server for government-related emails back when she was the Secretary of State, 33,000 of which were eventually deleted by an employee managing Clinton’s private email. However, a subsequent investigation by the FBI, although it rebuked Clinton for her carelessness, didn’t find anything criminal in her actions.

But that hasn’t stopped Trump from continuing to attack Clinton, and now when his own daughter is accused of using a private email address to send government-related emails, the president made up an additional 100,000 Hillary emails to defend Ivanka Trump’s actions, as reported by Newsweek.

“There was no deletion of emails like the 33,000 plus, probably another hundred thousand, that Hillary Clinton did after she got a subpoena.”

There is absolutely no evidence to back up his claim, and the number of deleted Clinton emails has not changed since it was first reported. So Trump seems to have invented 100,000 emails to deflect from the accusations that plague his own daughter. The president also said that none of the emails Ivanka sent were classified, saying she was “very innocent,” and that it happened over a “short period of time” and “very early on” in her service.

He then called the reports of Ivanka using private email for government-related business a “fake story.”

“There was no bleach pit. There was no anything, just innocent emails. There were no classified emails, a much different deal. It’s another fake news story. And she did transition out. She’s a private person and then ultimately she transitioned out from private to government.”

Trump has gone on to defend Ivanka’s use of a personal email to carry out government activities despite leading an aggressive campaign against Hillary Clinton for having done exactly that, leading to the infamous MAGA chant of “lock her up” during the 2016 presidential campaign. There is little doubt that when it comes to his own family members, the president has a very different standard of what constitutes illegality.

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