Tory Burch fired employee for trying to balance work with motherhood: lawsuit

An ex-employee at fashion company Tory Burch says she was hired when she was over 7-months pregnant — then fired for trying to keep a healthy work life balance and taking breaks at work to pump breast milk, according to a new lawsuit.

Megan Morro — who was hired by Tory Burch in December 2018 as the director of raw materials —  was supposed to start working there after her maternity leave ended, and was promised she would be able to keep a good work-life balance working there, according to a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit filed Monday.

But, Morro “realized that, although Defendant Tory Burch tried to sell the idea of a work life balance for its working Mothers customer base, Defendant Tory Burch hypocritically does not support a work life balance for its own working Mother employees,” the court papers allege.

The 41-year-old Jersey City woman said she was told she could start work when she was ready with a scheduled start date of May 20, 2019. But after her son was born prematurely in January, the company pressured her to begin on May 1 instead — which she did, the court documents claim.

Tory Burch touted “beautiful lactation rooms” at its Flatiron office, but Morro found they were in very high demand and needed to be booked in advance and she was given a hard time for taking breaks to pump throughout the day, the court filings say.

Morro also left work daily at 5 p.m. as she was promised she could by her boss — but she was later given a hard time by that same boss and another employee for not being “available” enough, the court documents allege.

Morro complained to human resources multiple times to report discrimination and retaliation but they never intervened, the suit alleges.

She was fired on August 13 after roughly three months in the position for “not being in the office more,” the court papers allege.

“We believe that Megan Morre was fired from Tory Burch because she was a breastfeeding mother who wanted to put her infant to bed at night,” said Morro’s lawyer Megan Goddard of Goddard Law.

Tory Burch did not immediately return a request for comment.

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