Tourist orders burger with her whole bottom on show in Majorca

Big flash and fries please! ‘British’ tourist orders a burger with her whole bottom on show in Majorca

  • A young woman caused amusement in a fast food shop in Majorca
  • The woman accidentally flashed her bottom while ordering food
  • The photograph was reportedly taken at 11am on Sunday in Inca 

A young woman was photographed accidentally showing more than she planned when stopping by a Majorcan fast food restaurant for a hangover cure.

As she stands by the counter to order her burger, she flashes her entire bottom to the restaurant. 

German newspaper Bild claimed she was filmed in a McDonald’s restaurant in the Majorcan town of Inca at 11am on Sunday.

The young woman, who is allegedly British, was snapped accidentally flashing her behind when ordering food in Inca, on Majorca, on Sunday morning

Bild also claimed the young woman was a British tourist, a report echoed by local newspaper Ultima Hora.

Ultima Hora linked the young lady’s accidental early morning strip show to the exessive partying of tourists who come to Majorca and Magaluf, which is 29 miles from Inca.  

Bild claimed the woman was with with two friends and needed the burger as a hangover cure and headlined its article ‘This is how you ask for a hamburger in Majorca.’

It added: ‘Her already tight skirt has probably slipped over her buttocks.’ 

A worker at McDonald’s in Inca, having looked at the photo published in Bild, insisted: ‘That photo wasn’t taken inside McDonald’s here and the counter pictured is not a McDonald’s counter.’ 

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