Travellers 'face being thrown out of Britain after Brexit because they don't have proof they can stay'

Lawyers have urged the community to get their paperwork in order as soon as possible – or risk being thrown out of the country.

The situation could end up seeing travellers forced to leave the UK because they don't have the right documents, in an echo of the Windrush generation scandal.

The Traveller Movement national annual conference heard that gypsies may have difficulty gathering official paperwork to prove they have the right to live here.

Poor literacy, the inability to use computers, the cost of applying and distrust of the state were all cited as barriers to claiming the "settled status" which non-citizens need to have in order to stay in Britain after Brexit.

Lawyer Christopher Desira said travellers should start gathering paperwork such as tax documents, education certificates, bank statements or employment contracts.

He warned that they could end up confined in a detention centre, particularly if they don't have a passport.

Charity worker Sarah Zawacki added: "Our work found that there was also a very low awareness of the need to apply to secure their position in the UK.

"Now they know there is this application, but it's £65 – many are on very low incomes and have very large families and it's just unfeasible.

"Then there is the language barrier – many speak some English but it's not the level needed to access this application."

Around 300,000 members of the Roma community are believed to live in the UK.

Some were born and brought up in the country, but others moved here from other parts of the EU.

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