Trial By Media Revisits Jenny Jones Show Murder: Man Killed Guest Who ID'd Him as Same-Sex Crush

Jones, whose show ran from 1991 to 2003 and who now operates a cooking website and philanthropic organization, told PEOPLE in 1999 that only one person was ultimately to blame. “It was not the ‘Jenny Jones murder,’ ” she said then. “It was the Jonathan Schmitz murder.”

She never apologized about the outcome, according to the Netflix series, for which she did not respond to an interview request.

"The one thing that I sort of came away with after all this is, I really am just very cynical about the press," she said in an undated archival interview in the first episode of Trail by Media. "You know, this was a rush to judgment, it was unfair reporting, for the sake of a sensational story."

Archived episodes of The Jenny Jones Show include those on topics such as "Biker Makeovers," "Too Big — Too Sexy," "Too Buff to Date" and "Bimbo School."

Trial by Media is streaming on Netflix now.

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