Trump again goes after Barack by calling him 'Hussein Obama' and saying no one went to his Biden rallies

PRESIDENT Donald Trump continued his rampage against “Barack Hussein Obama” claiming his predecessor “drew flies” at a Biden campaign event.

Trump, who has been on a marathon run of campaign rallies, claimed in speech in Londonderry, New Hampshire that Obama only drew 42 people out to watch him support Joe Biden this weekend.

“They had 42 people! He drew flies, did you ever hear the expression? Obama drew flies,” Trump said to boos from the crowd.

Trump’s latest comments about Obama come less than 24 hours after he raged against the former president in a campaign stop in Wisconsin on Saturday night.

"Barack Hussein Obama arrived to help Sleepy Joe because Sleepy Joe is only capable of doing one of these ever three or four days," Trump said at the Waukesha rally.

Trump recounted hearing from his aides that Obama was going to rally for his former vice president.

"They said, 'Sir, I have bad news. They said, 'Barack Hussein Obama is going to campaign for Sleepy Joe,'" Trump recounted.

Trump continued to rage against his predecessor, claiming Obama refused to endorse Biden before and after he won the Democratic nomination.

"After he won, he wouldn’t endorse him, you know why? Because Obama was in shock that this guy won," Trump said.

Trump's attacks on Saturday night came after Obama trolled him for “low ratings” as he ripped into his successor in a fiery speech in support of Joe Biden earlier in the day.

“His TV ratings are down,” Obama said in the speech at Florida International University.

Trump has often taken to Twitter to slam Obama – jabbing the Democrat for his "hate laced speeches."

“Nobody is showing up for Obama’s hate laced speeches. 47 people! No energy, but still better than Joe!” Trump tweeted on Saturday.

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