Trump rips Biden and slams border crisis in Mar-a-Lago wedding speech and asks guests ‘do you miss me yet?’

DONALD Trump ripped into President Biden after hijacking a Mar-a-Lago wedding reception as he claimed that he had won the 2020 election.

"Do you miss me yet?" the former President said to guests at the wedding in his resort in Palm Beach, Florida on Saturday night.

In a video published by TMZ, Trump can be seen in a tuxedo hogging the microphone at the wedding of happy couple John and Megan Arrigo.

However, the speech did not involve well-wishes to the married couple but about relations with Iran and the US-Mexico border crisis.

"The border's not good," the former President exclaimed to the crowd.

"The border's the worst anyone has ever seen it. Whats happening to the kids..They are living in squalor."

In the roughly two-minute video, Trump then moves on to claim that he received 7million votes.

“Nobody’s ever got to that,” he said.

“They said ‘get 66 million votes sir and the election’s over.' Well, I got 75 million."

It comes after Trump said he would pay a visit to the Mexico border within the next few weeks.

Commenting on the border crisis, the former president said he would "love not to be involved," while slamming Joe Biden's immigration policies.

"A lot of people want me to [visit]," Trump told Fox News on Saturday. "The Border Patrol and the people of ICE want me there and have asked me to go. I feel I sort of owe it to them."

Trump also said that the situation at the border is very "dangerous" and the border patrol agents have been tasked with an "impossible job" under Biden.

"It's impossible with what they have done to stay in Mexico should have been left. Now they stay in the United States, by the way, stay in and never leave," Trump said, also blasting Biden for undoing his "remain in Mexico" policy.

On Friday, Texas Sen Cruz posted a video showing the "inhumane" conditions inside what he calls the "Biden cages" at the border, showing children on the ground with mylar blankets crammed inside pods 15 times their capacity.

The Texas senator earlier in the day led a group of 18 Republican senators on a trip to the US-Mexico border, where he claimed to have seen cartel members and human traffickers "taunting" Border Patrol agents.

"These are the Biden cages. Thousands of kids, in the midst of a pandemic, crammed in at 1500% capacity," Cruz tweeted.

"This is just one of the “pods” at Donna. There are SEVEN more, equally full."

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