Trump slams Biden VP pick Kamala Harris as ‘more liberal than Bernie Sanders’

President Trump slammed Sen. Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s 2020 running mate, as a “disaster” and most liberal member of the Senate.

“She is a disaster. She is going to be a disaster, I think, for their party,” Trump said about the California Democrat during an interview on the Sinclair Broadcast Group that aired Sunday.

“She’s not a person that’s liked. I think people will fall out of love with her very quickly,” he said on “America This Week.”

He also claimed that Harris was even more liberal than former Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“She is super liberal,” he told host Eric Bolling in the interview that was recorded last Wednesday. “I have actually heard that she is the most liberal person in Congress. More liberal than Bernie Sanders.”

The president also reiterated remarks he made last Tuesday after Biden announced Harris as his vice president nominee that she is “nasty.”

“She’s the worst in the Senate. She was the nastiest of anybody in the Senate. She was the worst, meanest person,” Trump said during the Sinclair interview. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Harris, whose mother is Indian and whose father is Jamaican, is the first female person of color to appear on a major party ticket. She became attorney general of California in 2011 and was elected senator for California in 2016.

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