Tucker Carlson says the US military ignoring 'clear, present' UFO threat as it purges officers who aren't 'woke enough'

FOX News host Tucker Carlson says the US military is ignoring a ‘clear and present’ UFO threat, as it purges officers who aren’t ‘woke enough’. 

The Fox News host hit out at military leaders on his Monday night show, questioning whether the Pentagon was taking the UFO “threat” seriously.

The call comes after footage emerged last week of what was alleged to be UFO sightings near San Diego, back in 2019.

The video appeared to show a UFO buzz a US stealth ship near San Diego, before it dove under the water. The incident was alleged to have happened back in July 2019. 

According to the Daily Mail, Retired Navy officials have said the technology was up to 1,000 years ahead of that used by the US.

Others have said they spotted UFOs every day on postings.

Speaking on Tucker Carlson Tonight, the host questioned whether the Pentagon was taking the UFO “threat” seriously.

He fumed that the military was too busy “hiring more pregnant air force pilots” and being “obsessed with political purity” to defend the United States.

“This is your country, please defend it. It is becoming clear they have no interest in defending it,” he said.

Tucker also went on a rampage about Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, accusing him of focusing on diversity and inclusion initiatives and “the weather” instead of investigating the UFOs.

On his show, Carlson aired footage taken from CBS 60 Minutes Sunday night, showing an unidentified flying object spotted by a Navy aircrew off the US Atlantic coast in 2015.

In the clip, Journalist Bill Whitaker narrates the footage, saying “the Pentagon admits it doesn’t know what in the world this is”.

Carlson called this admission from the Pentagon a “very big problem”.

'Oh, UFOs, they're spooky and kinda funny,” he said.

“Crazy people believe in them. Up until you get to the line, 'The Pentagon admits it doesn't know what in the world this is.' That's all you need to know,” he said. 

Carlson said this was a “very big problem” from a national security perspective.

“One Navy pilot said military observed unidentified objects maneuvering in restricted airspace off the coast of Virginia 'every day' for two years.”

Carlson continued to lash out at the Pentagon, questioning why the military had not acted on the sightings and 'did nothing after two full years of daily incursions.' 

“Sound like a potential threat? You think? So what has the Pentagon done about it? Well, we don't know the full story as of tonight,” he said.

“But we don't know that they've done anything about it, and then cover the fact they ignored it by declaring the whole subject classified for decades, then spending the rest of the day thinking about how to bomb Syria again and rid the marine corps of people who voted for Donald Trump.”

The TV host suggested the Space Force division would be well-equipped to handle the matter.

However, he claimed resources were instead being wasted on “political purges”.

'They're busy conducting political purges of their own ranks, as all the branches of the military are,” he said.

“Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier, commanded a Space Force unit until the White House decided his politics were unacceptable,' he said.

Lohmeier was axed from his post after the lieutenant labelled diversity and inclusion training in the military 'critical race theory rooted in Marxism.' 

According to Carlson, the US Army’s “purging” of its ranks was comparable to the Soviet Army’s focus on “political purity” back in 1938.

“What does this remind you of?” he asked his audience.

“Maybe the Soviet army 1938: A clear and present threat appears on the horizon, but the people in charge are so obsessed with political purity and loyalty to the Party, they can't respond, because they're absorbed in attacking their own organization.”

Carlson also took issue with the US Army's latest recruitment campaign – which showed an animated lesbian wedding as well as an LGBTQ+ pride parade. 

Rather than focusing on diversity, the army should be focusing on defending the country, he said.

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