Two cheetahs leap onto the roof of safari vehicle and strike a pose

That’s a good spot! Moment two cheetahs leap onto the roof of safari vehicle and pose just inches away from stunned photographer

  • The two big cats struck a pose as they climbed onto the Land Cruiser in Kenya
  • Paul Mahagi, 40, filmed the cats on camera for 20 minutes as they took in views
  • The wildlife photographer said he had to try to remain still to not startle the cats 
  • The scenes in Masai Mara National Reserve come as the cheetah population in Africa dwindles at less than half the numbers seen 30 years ago

This is the breathtaking moment two cheetahs climbed onboard a safari vehicle in Kenya.

The video, filmed in Masai Mara National Reserve in southwestern Kenya, was captured by a wildlife photographer in the park which runs along the Tanzanian border.

Paul Mahagi, 40, spent 20 minutes filming the cheetahs while trying to remain calm.

The world’s fastest land animals took a breather on top of Paul Mahagi’s Land Cruiser in Masai Mara National Reserve in southwestern Kenya

The footage shows the cheetahs sauntering over the vehicle which they later used as a platform to see their surroundings

In the footage the pair of cheetahs can be seen striding towards the Land Cruiser carrying Mr Mahagi.

One of the big cats then climbs onto the roof of the vehicle and begins to gaze across the Kenyan plains.

Mr Mahagi responded nervously say: ‘Oh God, that’s a big cat!’ 

He added: ‘I had seen this this in National Geographic video on TV, but never dreamed it would happen to me.

‘It was hard to remain calm, and try to change lenses, while wondering how long the cheetahs would be on top of our vehicle.

The stunning animals stayed close enough to touch for 20 minutes and Paul said: ‘The cheetahs sat on our roof for almost 20 minutes, with their tails waving in front of our noses.

The second cat joined its friend soon afterwards. After a brief moment sizing up Mr Mahagi, the second cheetah also began to look at its surroundings. 

After the first cheetah decided to use the safari vehicle as a viewing platform, a second then joined it

Mr Mahagi said of the footage: ‘Here is a view from inside our Land Cruiser, looking out through the roof opening.’

The Masai Mara reserve has one of the largest populations of big cats and elephants in Africa.

The population of cheetahs in Africa is currently around 7,000 – less than half the total on the continent 30 years ago.

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