UK weather forecast – Britain to be colder than FINLAND while a week of rain and thunderstorms set to lash the country

BRITAIN will be colder than FINLAND this weekend while a week of rain will fall in a day as a thunderstorms lash the country

Punters will brave one final pint in the pouring rain as below-average temperatures and torrential thunderstorms batter the majority of the UK this weekend before pubs finally reopen indoors on Monday.

Most Brits will experience scattered showers today and Sunday ruining weekend plans for many.

Yesterday saw extreme highs and lows across the UK with the mercury plummeting to a freezing -1.6 in Katesbridge.

And while it won’t be as cold this weekend, temperatures will only reach as high as 16C – while usually freezing Finland will bask in temperatures in the 20s.

Forecaster Matt Taylor from the BBC said: “It’s even warmer in Finland than it is here in the UK where temperatures are well down on where they should be for this stage in the month.

“And to go with that cool feel there's more rain in the forecast this afternoon and particularly tomorrow with some nasty thundery downpour expected.”

Tomorrow, there will be sunny spells but also frequent showers throughout the day, especially in central and southern areas. 

Meanwhile showers will be locally heavy, thundery and accompanied by hail.

Met Office forecaster Alex Deakin said: “Some places will see quite a lot more rain than other places this weekend.

“It’ll vary quite a bit from location to location.

“The wettest places today probably is southern England and south Wales.

“They could see another 20-30mm of rain in just two or three hours.

“It’s almost like the UK will be seeing a week's worth of rain in a day if you split it up like that.”

And the Met Office has warned torrential rain storms could continue for the rest of the month with temperatures unlikely to reach the high teens.

Forecaster Marco Petagna said the unsettled weather will continue for at least the next 10 days but possibly beyond that.

"The longer-range forecast suggests that by early June there's a hint of things becoming drier and more settled," Mr Petagna told the Mirror.

Weather charts have claimed that temperatures could reach highs of 22C next weekend but Mr Petagna said this is unlikely.

He added: "Before that, temperatures could reach close to or above the average. Most likely it will be the mid to high teens – 17 or 18C.

"It looks unsettled for the next week or so. The next 10 days are quite mixed. That means showers and longer spells of rain."

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