UK weather forecast: Storm Sebastien strikes again leaving travel chaos in its path

The massive storm will move in from the Atlantic leaving travel chaos and flooding in its wake. The Met Office has issued two warnings, one for the southwest of England and the other for the northeast.

Forecasters are predicting that there could be possible flooding of home and roads.

The storm is also expected to bring high tides, around 7.6cm (3inches) of rain and 50mph winds.

The brutal force storm has already begun but Wednesday is set to be another day of chaos.

Met Office meteorologist Emma Smith warned that the country will see huge gales and heavy rainfall.

Storm Sebastien has been heading northeast with increasing speed over the last few days.

It looks set to strike the UK with a considerable impact later this week.

When the Met Office first reported that Storm Sebastien had formed northeast of the Leeward Islands back on November 19, they said it was “not expected to threaten any land areas.”

However, now the storm has begun to build speed and will make landfall on the southwest coastline.

England and Wales are expected to receive 60mm of rain by Wednesday.

Currently, there are 21 flood warnings in place and 104 flood alerts.

Until 6pm on Wednesday, there is a “danger to life” flood warning in place around Yorkshire.

Ms Smith continued: “The latest weather warning is for Wednesday through to Thursday, as ex tropical storm Sebastian moves east.

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“This will bring strong winds and gales to the east coast.”

Temperatures will remain mild with highs of 12C (53.6F) in the southeast and lows of 8C (46.4F) in northern Scotland.

However, Thursday will see a day of change across the nation.

There will still be some areas of rainfall to contend with across northern and central parts of England with showers continuing for Northern Ireland and Wales.

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said: “But slowly but surely we’re going to see the weather brighten up through the course of Thursday.

“Sunnier skies pushing into northern Scotland with just a few showers.

“With colder air in place we’re likely to see some snow over the higher ground as well.

“By the end of Thursday there will be a widespread frost for Scotland into the weekend.

“A cold start to the weekends but plenty of crisp blue skies.

“And into Sunday high pressure brings widely dry and settled weather.”

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