UK weather warning: Britain braced for WILD WEATHER as storms to cause Christmas Eve chaos

Forecasters have warned “lively” thunderstorms will hit on Christmas Eve, accompanied by hail in a mix of unusual weather to begin in 24 hours. ITV’s Lucy Verasamy said in her forecast today: “It is to be a cold start into Christmas Day itself as temperatures tumble through Christmas Eve night with festive frost at most. “This is the scene today, bright and blustery with some hefty downpours across central and southern Scotland an the fringes of Northern Ireland and elsewhere fine and dry across the south, a little chillier up in Scotland with temperatures set to struggle in sheltered spots not much above freezing.

“And though this evening temperatures fall once more in these zones, freezing frosty and icy with milder air across the south as rain arrives, a soaking of the eastern counties int the small house and as winds whip up blustery downpours heading in to parts of the south west and Wales.

“These could well be lively enough to give hail and thunder – horrible if you’re having to travel – something to watch as we go into the first stages of Christmas eve.”

The thunderstorm will take place between the Irish Republic and Wales, with Ms Verasamy warning that the south west of England will also be able to see what will be a spectacular and electric sight.

The usual December forecast comes as more than 80 flood warnings could trigger hell for families.

Homes from Cornwall to Middlesborough are at risk with 80 flood warnings and 162 flood alerts still in place, according to The Sun. It comes after a deluge of rain battered the south of England.

Around two inches (40mm) of rain fell in 36 hours on Saturday and Sunday in the southeast which was one of the wettest autumns on record.

Around 90 homes were flooded across the nation with rivers bursting their banks in Kent, East Sussex and Berkshire.

For those hoping to get away for Christmas, queues of up to an hour on the M25 are expected.

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An estimated 2.5million road trips for Christmas are expected to begin from Monday.

The RAC has sent out a warning saying that “bumper to bumper” traffic is expected as 6.2 million people are preparing to get away.

Ben Aldous, of the RAC, said: “It looks as though millions of drivers are planning to complete their Christmas getaway trips this week.

“Unfortunately, when you add in the prospect of unsettled weather, with heavy rain and strong winds in some parts, these are likely to be pretty unpleasant drives.”

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However, it’s not just drivers which will see travel chaos.

Railways including Great Northern, Gatwick Express, Thameslink and Southern rail services are expected to be disrupted because of the weather.

Met Office meteorologist Greg Dewhurst told The Sun Online the highest rain fall recorded in the past 36 hours was in Herstmonceux, East Sussex.

The region saw a shocking 31.66mm of rain. Currently, there are no severe flood warnings in place but Brits have been told to be on their guard.

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