Ukrainian man allegedly beat lover, killed her kids after meeting them

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A Ukrainian man allegedly beat up a woman he met on a dating website and killed her two children when she introduced them to him as their future stepfather, according to a report.

Vasil Tsekh, 30, was charged with double murder after police said he went ballistic when Lyudmila Strelchuk, 35, took her kids, Martina, 9, and Demid, 2, to meet him, East2West News reported.

He was accused of using a broken chair to attack the two helpless children – also throwing them against a wall in the rampage at the restaurant and sauna complex Oksana in the town of Tyachiv, police told the outlet.

The manager of the business called police after hearing a commotion, opening the door and seeing the bloodied victims, including Strelchuk, who was hospitalized in grave condition after being beaten.

After regaining consciousness, the mother wasn’t informed of her children’s deaths and told doctors she must recover to care for them, according to East2West News.

Tsekh fled after the attack but was later arrested.

Martina was born when her mom lived and worked in Italy, but she broke up with her daughter’s father. Her son was born in Ukraine from another failed relationship.

Demid’s dad went to the hospital to comfort the badly injured woman.

Tyachiv double murderTyachiv double murderTyachiv double murderLyudmila Strelchuck

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