US could deploy ‘robotic smart bombs’ to destroy Russian tanks in Ukraine

President Joe Biden's administration has said they could deploy killer drones in Ukraine to fend off advancing Russian forces.

The drones are reported to be cutting-edge guided missiles that could accurately target Russian artillery or tanks from miles away.

A decision on whether or not to provide Ukraine with these killer drones is yet to be made, but congressional officials briefed on the matter say the White House is mulling over the decision.

Should the killer drones supply be approved, Ukraine would find itself armed with explosive-laden "loitering missiles" named Switchblades as part of a new military aid package being sent by the Biden administration.

Two variants of the Switchblades are available, with a Switchblade 300 designed for pinpoint strikes on personnel and the Switchblade 600 which is designed to destroy tanks and other armoured vehicles.

AeroVironment, the manufacturer that designs these Switchblade weapons, said on their website: "We stand with our allies and sovereign nations in their right to protect their homelands and their very lives when this fundamental right is threatened.

"AeroVironment stands with the people of Ukraine and all of NATO."

Switchblade drones are described as robotic smart bombs that are saddled with cameras, guidance systems and explosives that can automatically strike a target from miles away.

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AeroVironment says that the Switchblade 600 can fly for 40 minutes and up to 50 miles.

Reports from NBC News also state that both the Switchblade 300 and 600 can be set up and fired from a tube in a matter of minutes.

If the Switchblade weaponry is given to Ukraine it could see one of the most significant turns in the Russian invasion of the country, with the Switchblade deployed in limited circumstances by the US military.

So far the only foreign country offered the chance to purchase a Switchblade is the UK.

A recent military package wish list from Ukraine also showed requests for Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and Javelin anti-tank weapons.

It is still unclear if the Biden administration will approve the wishlist request, and even then which items on the list they would supply to Ukraine.

The administration has reportedly tried to avoid delivering weapons with sensitive technology because it could either fall into the hands of Russian troops or prove impractical for the Ukraine's fight against invading Russian troops.

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