US Covid hospitalizations hit ALL TIME high of more than 61k as more than a MILLION are infected in last 10 days alone

MORE than one million new coronavirus cases have been reported in the last 10 days as hospitalizations in the US are hitting an all-time high.

On Tuesday, the US reported 61,964 new hospitalizations due to Covid-19 – and more than 100,000 infections each day is becoming the norm as cases continue to rise in 49 states.

Within the first 10 days of November alone, over one million new cases of the deadly virus were reported in the country.

The alarming wave of cases seems to be bigger and more widespread than those that spread across the US earlier this year.

The country has seen surges in coronavirus since it found its way to the states at the beginning of 2020, and experts have said there are reasons to think the nation is better able to deal with the virus this time around.

When it comes to stronger knowledge about Covid and ways to combat it, “we’re definitely in a better place” William Hanage, a Harvard University infectious-disease researcher, told The Associated Press.

In total, the US has reported more than 10.5million Covid cases and over 245,000 virus-related deaths.

On Tuesday, several states reported new records – including more than 12,000 cases in Illinois, 7,000 in Wisconsin, and 6,500 in Ohio.

Coronavirus-related deaths have reached an average of more than 930 per day.

According to the Covid Tracking Project, more than 61,000 people were hospitalized with the virus on Tuesday.

At this point – months into the pandemic – doctors now better know how to treat severe cases.

A higher number of Covid patients who enter intensive care units come out alive, and patients have new treatments – like remdesivir – to help them.

Across the country, testing is more widely available and accessible.

On Monday, Pfizer announced that their Covid vaccine was looking to be 90 percent effective based on early test results.

The company is on track to apply later this month for emergency-use approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

Even if all goes well, authorities have stressed that it's not likely any vaccine will arrive much before the end of the year, and the limited initial supplies will be rationed.

Dr Anthony Fauci has said, however, that the results suggesting 90 percent effectiveness are “just extraordinary."

"Not very many people expected it would be as high as that," he said.

Fauci also said that he has no plans to leave his job, which President Donald Trump has suggested he might do in the coming months.

Trump has not publicly commented on the new Covid numbers and has claimed that news of the vaccine was held until after Election Day.

The company has denied allegations that political maneuverings determined the timing of their announcement.

President-elect Joe Biden plans to bring in a new team of highly respected medical advisers to carry out a new detailed Covid control plan.

Experts have said the plan includes the kind of measures that will be necessary to bring the surge under control.

Biden pledged during the campaign to be guided by science, make testing free and widely available, hire thousands of health workers to undertake contact-tracing, and instruct the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to provide clear, expert advice.

On Monday, he said the Pfizer vaccine would be available for free to all Americans.

The latest surge in cases has been blamed largely on cold weather driving people inside and disdain for masks and social distancing, stoked by Trump and other politicians.

Last month, Stanford University researchers said they found that Trump's campaign rallies that took place from June 20 through September 22 led to 30,000 new Covid cases.

The study also found that Trump's rallies – where most guests don't wear masks and stand close together – resulted in more than 700 virus-related deaths.

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