US election 2020: Trump sparks panic as Biden warned ‘fatal error’ could cost him victory

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Just one day after testing negative for coronavirus, President Donald Trump has held another rally in a battleground state. In Pennsylvania he took the opportunity to appeal to working class voters in a bid to energise his base as he trails behind rival Joe Biden in the US election 2020 polls. However, Capri Cafaro, the former Democratic leader of the Ohio state senate, told Sky News that “caution” had to be taken.

Host Niall Paterson had pointed out that Mr Trump had lost a lot of ground in states where he was a considerable distance ahead former rival, Hillary Clinton, during the 2016 election.

In many, Mr Biden is now within spitting distance or even ahead of the President.

Ms Cafaro warned: “I consistently caution about putting stock in the polls.

“We saw that fatal error play out in 2016, and there’s no doubt it could do so again.”

She continued: “But you’re absolutely correct that that is what they’re displaying.

“I will say this, 2020 in every sense is different than 2016, with the exception of Donald Trump being the Republican nominee again.

“We’re in the middle of a global pandemic, we’re in the middle of an economic downturn.

“Joe Biden is a very different candidate than Hillary Clinton was in 2016.”

The political commentator added: “He is someone that is much more relatable in many of those rust belt states, like Pennsylvania where President Trump was.

“Joe Biden is someone who tries to talk about his working class roots in Pennsylvania.

“He’s able to connect in a way that Hillary Clinton wasn’t.”

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Ms Cafaro said that President Trump’s strategy of heading to swing states was a bid to “shore up” in places where he thought he would win comfortably.

Additionally, she noted that he’s ‘not taking it for granted’ that some of these states are needed in order to win the electoral college map.

Although a second debate was planned between the candidates, it has now been cancelled.

This is due to Mr Trump refusing to take part in a virtual debate suggested as a result of his COVID-19 diagnosis.

Instead the planned third debate in Nashville near the end of the month will likely be the final meeting between the two.

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