Vegetarians and vegans are 20 per cent more likely to suffer a stroke, study finds – The Sun

VEGGIES and vegans are 20 per cent more likely to suffer a stroke, a study found.

Experts said a plant-based diet may be deficient in protective fats and vitamins.

Their research showed non-meat eaters were vulnerable to haemorrhagic strokes — when blood vessels burst in the brain.

But they were found to be 22 per cent less likely to suffer from heart disease overall. Fish eaters also had a 13 per cent lower risk of heart problems.

Meat eaters were more likely to suffer heart disease, with experts warning regular consumers were likely to be fatter, have high blood pressure and cholesterol and diabetes issues. The popularity of meat-free diets is on the rise, with 1.7million Brits now veggie or vegan.

Oxford University followed nearly 50,000 adults for 18 years.

They found vegetarians and vegans had lower levels of vitamin B12 and cholesterol.

A lack of B12, found in animal products such as meat, eggs and dairy, has been linked with increased stroke risk. And very low levels of cholesterol may affect blood vessels. The study concluded: “Overall vegetarians had higher risks of stroke.”

Yoga aid for heart

TAKING up yoga is a life-saver after a heart attack, a study shows.

The discipline was found to cut the chance of dying in the following five years by a sixth.

Its gentle movements and breathing exercises help boost circulation and strengthen the heart, researchers say.

The findings come from an Indian study of 2,470 patients who had stents fitted to improve blood flow after a major heart attack.

They were presented to the European Society of Cardiology in Paris.

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Every year 150,000 Brits suffer a stroke, where a clot or internal bleeding cuts off the blood supply to the brain.

Oxford’s Dr Tammy Tong said more research is needed before changing diet guidelines.

And Cambridge University’s Dr Stephen Burgess said: “This suggests taking up a vegetarian diet may not be universally beneficial for all health outcomes.”

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