Vernon, B.C. driver captures video of rat under his vehicle hood

After tripping a motion sensor camera, a rat under the hood of a Vernon, B.C. vehicle is seen trying to scurry away, but has trouble navigating the vehicle parts.

The footage was captured by an Okanagan driver who put a portable security camera under the hood after repeated trips to the mechanic for rodent damage.

“The rat was a lot bigger than I expected,” laughed mechanic Mike Vasconcelos.

However, what didn’t surprise Vasconcelos was the damage the rodent had caused.

The Vernon auto shop owner said he’s been seeing a major increase in vehicles coming in with this type of damage in the last year.

“We used to see it every year. When it started to get cold, you would start to see the odd one,” said Vasconcelos.

“The increase we’ve seen in this last year or so has been 10 times what we would normally see.”

The damage can range from minor to extensive. Mechanics will come across dead rodents and nests, as well as damage from the animals chewing on vehicle components.

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