VIDEO: Mobility scooter driver blocks busy street waiting for chips

Risking a battering! Mobility scooter rider ignores angry drivers and sits in the middle of a Manchester street demanding fish and chips are brought out to him

  • A man on a mobility scooter blocked a busy street for five minutes on Friday 
  • He told witnesses he would only move once he received his fish and chips 
  • He also ignored a police officer on a motorbike who ordered him to move 

This is the moment a mobility scooter driver blocked a busy road while waiting for a chip shop to bring out his dinner. 

The footage, which was filmed in Manchester city centre on Friday, November 19, shows how a large truck and several cars are forced to wait until the man’s food is ready. 

The man, who has not been identified, can be heard shouting at the motorists: ‘I just want the fish and chips that I’ve paid for.’

A man on a mobility scooter blocked a busy street in Manchester city centre on Friday morning because he refused to move until a chip shop brought out his lunch 

The man received his fish and chips from a member of staff from the takeaway  

The man even ignored a motorcycle police officer who urged him to move out of the road. The man insisted he wasn’t moving until he received his change

Witness David Williams had presumed the battery on the man’s scooter was flat so went over to see if he could help but was forced to ‘back off’ when the scooter user snapped at him too. 

In the clip, the furious customer bellows at anyone who urges him to move despite holding up traffic for more than three minutes while waiting for his fish and chips order to be brought out to him. 

The scooter driver launched a foul-mouthed tirade at anyone who criticised him, describing several people as ‘f****** low lives’ and threatening them with ‘the law’. 

A motorbike police officer is unable to move the man who insists was soon as he ‘gets the change’ he will be ‘out of the way’. 

The officer said he would escort the man along the road as he was ‘causing chaos’. 

Describing the scene, Mr Williams said: ‘He wasn’t moving anywhere. He was adamant he was not moving. 

‘You can hear the horns going, the guy in the lorry behind was shouting but I couldn’t hear what he was saying. 

‘Everyone was getting irate, not knowing what was going on. 

‘I was on route from an interview to where I live and I just happened to see this guy in the distance sat in the middle of the road in a wheelchair. I thought he must have broken down or his motor had gone. 

‘I came to his aid initially but he shouted at me so I backed off. 

‘There was traffic behind him so I thought there must have been some reason why he was stuck there in the middle of the road. 

‘I got closer and realised he was waiting for his fish and chips of all things, at 11.30 in the morning. 

‘He paid for his fish and chips and was waiting for them to come out.’ 

Mr Williams said he was ‘gobsmacked’ by the man’s actions. He said at least 10 vehicles were stuck in the queue. 

The 54-year-old Test and Trace assistant said the road was blocked for more than five minutes. 

The man, who has not been identified, verbally abused people who criticised his selfish action

Eventually, after receiving his fish and chip and picking up his change, the man drove off with the police following

He said: ‘People were getting irate. You can see the conversation with some shopkeeper. 

‘When people were saying move out of the way, he didn’t care. He just wanted his fish and chips and his change. 

‘A lot of people naturally came to try and help him. If you happened upon it you’d think something had gone wrong with the wheelchair – I didn’t know he was waiting for he was waiting for. 

‘It’s quite a narrow street, it’s one-way, so if there’s a blockage at the front you’re pretty stuck.’ 

After receiving his change, the man drove off down the road allowing the traffic to dissipate. 

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