Video shows two NYC pigeons shove a third into oncoming subway train

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Not even pigeons are safe from subway shoves.

A pair of New York City pigeons mercilessly tossed a third bird into the path of a moving train, video shows.

In the clip posted on Reddit Tuesday, the squabs are seen tussling on the platform at the Fourth Avenue/Ninth Street station in Brooklyn, about five feet from the tracks.

Two of the birds then surround their hapless counterpart — and steer the poor critter toward the tracks, edging him closer and closer as the train enters the station.

“No, what? Nah, they’re killing the pigeon?! No way they’re killing this pigeon!” one rider can be heard saying as the bully birds force their soon-to-be victim to his likely end.

The doomed pigeon falls off the platform edge just before the train comes through to finish the deed — amid screams of terror and “Yo!” in the background.

“Only in new york,” the video caption said.

It was not immediately clear when the video was filmed, or whether the winged victim survived.

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