Volunteer efforts continue as Ottawa River rises

The city is continuing to ask those who are willing to volunteer to help fill sandbags to combat flooding in the Ottawa River.

Snowmelt runoff brought on by warmer temperatures continues to feed into the Ottawa River bringing levels up to around those seen in May 2017, according to stats released on Monday.

The Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board updates water levels in the Ottawa River daily and as of Monday evening, the highest levels are at Pembroke which has reached 152.4 metres with peak levels in 2017 reaching 153.96 metres.

“Peak levels may be similar to those observed in May 2017 in all locations,” said the board in their report. “Reservoirs throughout the basin are being used to store runoff and minimize flooding.”

The City of Ottawa has been calling for volunteers throughout the Easter weekend to help in areas along the Ottawa River most affected by flooding including Cumberland, Constance Bay and Buckham’s Bay.

A modified schedule is being offered by the city to volunteers throughout the work week. Those who wish to help can go to the following places between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m., between Monday and Friday:

  • Cumberland Heritage Village Museum, 2940 Old Montreal Road. A shuttle will transport volunteers from the Museum to the site and back.
  • Constance and Buckham’s Bay Community Centre, 262 Len Purcell Drive
  • Ron Kolbus Centre, 102 Greenview Drive (upper parking lot)

The city is asking volunteers to properly prepare for the conditions and food will be provided.

“The City would like to thank volunteers who have helped residents and property owners at risk of flooding,” wrote the city in a release. “More than 1,000 volunteers have generously donated their time over the long weekend. With their efforts, over 140,000 sandbags are or have been made available to residents.”

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