Weird, wonderful items at Winnipeg cops’ unclaimed goods auction

Are you in the market for a Super Nintendo with no power cord? How about a golf bag with “miscellaneous clubs” or a high-end fog machine?

If you’re interested in these or a host of other items, the Winnipeg Police Service’s unclaimed goods auction might be worth your while.

The auction – which includes items from Criminal Property Forfeiture – isn’t all weird stuff, though.

Among the 1990s stamp collections and multiple lots of hockey cards are gold jewelry, power tools, musical instruments, and more.

The auction takes place Sunday at Headingley’s Associated Auto Auction on Roblin Boulevard.

A full listing of the items for auction is available on the police website.

Some other unusual items on the list:

  • Multiple toothbrushes
  • Nine Spawn comics
  • Bag of mis-matched door and plumbing hardware
  • DeWalt case, parts from laser level (incomplete)
  • Moosehead beer tap
  • Mud Slinger radio controlled truck
  • Red Bull energy drink patio/bar table
  • Mark McEwan pepper mill
  • Floor hockey sticks
  • Two wallets, socks, three sunglasses

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