We're sleepwalking towards catastrophe and need to stop blindly accepting these limits on our lives


WHAT the hell is going on?

How are we here again?

Why do our doom merchant and increasingly desperate scientists believe plunging us into lockdown again is the solution to this ongoing coronavirus pandemic?

And when will Boris Johnson – once a great libertarian – stand up to the discredited boffins Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance by refusing to curb our basic freedoms any further for measures that simply will not work?

The World Health Organisation’s special envoy on Covid-19 last week warned there is only one result that comes from locking down entire populations – and it’s certainly not eradicating the disease.

David Nabarro said: “Lockdowns just have one consequence that you must never ever belittle, and that is making poor people an awful lot poorer.”

That poverty is coming to the UK – and fast. The Centre for Economics and Business Research today predicts almost three million folk will be unemployed by Christmas.

That’s just the beginning and the reason why we can no longer live in a Covid bubble.

Yet, in October, seven months after the peak of this new disease exported by China, the government is today pushing ahead with plans to lock down some of our biggest cities.

And the worst is yet to come, with waves of the always-deadly flu set to collide with Covid over winter.

No one is denying the virus is a serious problem that requires genuine changes to some of the ways we live, like the wearing of masks and some sensible social distancing measures.

But, with no guarantee of a vaccine, it is implausible to think that lockdowns that were first used for three weeks to protect the NHS are a sensible way forward.

We must remember that even in March and April, when Covid was an unknown threat, our health service was not overwhelmed. We have learnt so much since then, both in terms of how to treat the illness and how to manage the NHS.

My fear is that, rather than being an effective tool, the increasingly draconian and nonsensical regulations announced by the Prime Minister today that divide England into three tiers will encourage us to become a nation of liars.

Is anyone seriously going to believe four blokes in their 50s having dinner at the pub are really part of the same household, for example?

Will people really stop inviting their friends over for a drink when they’re allowed to catch a packed tube home at 10pm when the ridiculous nationwide curfew kicks in?

Why is it OK to work in an office surrounded by people all day but it’s not OK to visit relatives from another household?

None of this makes sense anymore.

The cure has now become far worse than the disease.

We are sleepwalking towards catastrophe and should no longer blindly accept these limits on our lives.

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