What is autosexual? Meaning explained

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN shared an article about autosexuality on POOSH, her lifestyle website.

But what does the term mean, and why are some confused by it?

What is autosexuality?

Autosexuality is a sexual identity.

It means that you are attracted to or aroused by yourself and prefer masturbation to having sex.

An autosexual person may experience little or no sexual attraction to others.

The romantic equivalent is being an autoromantic, which refers to people who are romantically attracted to themselves.

It’s sometimes wrongly associated with narcissism, which is characterised by extreme self-involvement and preoccupation with one’s physical appearance.

Autosexuality is different from asexuality, though some believe that it falls under then the asexual spectrum or ace-spec.

It’s therefore sometimes referred to as an ace-spec identity.

What is the autosexual flag?

The autosexual flag is a bicolour design with horizontal stripes.

It features light blue on the top half and grey on the bottom.

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There are a number of different flags which celebrate various gender orientations in the LGBTQ+ community.

The best known is the rainbow flag, originally designed by artist Gilbert Baker, which is a symbol for LGBT and queer pride.

What has Kourtney Kardashian said on autosexuality?

Kourtney hasn’t said anything in a personal capacity, but shared an article on her website which discusses the identity and features input from writer and sex therapist Casey Tanner.

In it, Casey describes autosexuality as ‘a trait wherein one is turned on by engaging in their own eroticism’.

“A prime example of this is simply women in general. While it may not be true for everyone, we generally feel more sexual and turned on when we feel we ourselves are sexy. But it's not just about the ladies.”

The article concludes: ‘We are sensual beings, so depending on our own sensuality instead of relying solely on others to turn us on has profound power.

‘It takes the pressure off of partnered sex, and it brings so much pleasure to our time, ehem, alone.

‘Wherever you land on the spectrum of autosexuality, none of it is wrong. Enjoy yourself, literally.’

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