What is Dr Fauci's religion?

DOCTOR Anthony Fauci is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984.

He came into prominence during the start of the coronavirus pandemic, as he advised the US government on health policy to help curb the spread.

What is Dr Fauci's religion?

Dr Fauci regards himself as a “humanist” but once identified as a Roman Catholic.

He attended Jesuit schools such as Regis High School in New York and College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts.

According to Interfaith Youth Core, in a 2003 interview with Science Magazine, Fauci spoke about his religious views, saying: “Broadly and generically, I am not a regular church-attender. 

“I have evolved into less a Roman Catholic religion person to someone who tries to keep a degree of spirituality about them. 

“I look upon myself as a humanist. I have faith in the goodness of mankind.”

13 years later, Fauci elaborated on his humanist worldview on C-SPAN, saying that more than organized religion, he looked toward "the principles of humanity and goodness to mankind and doing the best that you can."

"I think that there are a lot of things about organized religion that are unfortunate, and I tend to like to stay away from that and think more in terms of the principles that I learned from the Jesuits, from the Catholic religion, the principles that I run my life by. 

“But the idea about the organization of religion is not something that I adhere to very much.”

What did Dr Fauci say about religious exemptions from the coronavirus vaccine?

Fauci spoke to CNN's Dana Bash regarding people who are seeking religious exemptions to not get the coronavirus vaccine, alleging that there are "literally less than a handful" of religions that oppose vaccinations, but "people sometimes confuse a philosophical objection with a religious objection."

The infectious specialist also claims that the idea of getting religious exemptions for vaccines dates back to the measles outbreak in 1963.

Fauci told CNN: “There are precious few religions that actually say you cannot do that, I mean very very few, literally less than a handful.

Adding: “When you’re talking about actual established religions, there are so few of those that actually will not allow you to get vaccinated.”

Fauci has been urging the public to get vaccinated as he is "not convinced" coronavirus developed naturally.

Is Dr Fauci married?

Fauci is married to Christine Grady, a nurse, and bioethicist with the National Institute of Health, in 1985.

The couple has three adult daughters: Jennifer, Megan, and Alison Fauci.

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