Who are Dylann Roof parents Franklin and Amelia?

WHITE supremacist Dylan White is facing the death penalty after being found guilty of the murder of nine people.

As the case has exploded, new information has come to light about Dylan’s family background including his upbringing. Here we explain all.

Who are Dylann Roof parents?

Dylann was born on April 3, 1994 in Columbia, South Carolina to Franklin Bennett Roof and Amelia  Cowles.

His parents had divorced but were temporarily reconciled at the time of his birth.

Franklin Bennett Roof 

Franklin, who is known as Benn, is a carpenter and construction contractor.

To many of his neighbours at his house in Columbia, he was an 'easygoing guy' who likes to take holidays in Florida.  

After divorcing Dylann’s biological mother Amelia, he married Paige Mann in 1998,  who basically raised him and his elder sister Amber.

The couple were together for ten years before a divorce was filed in 2009 as Paige claimed that Franklin had assaulted her following a “pattern of control and mental manipulation’ that ended with a vicious assault.

According to a report from the MailOnline in 2015, court papers revealed that Franklin allegedly shredded Paige’s self esteem during their marriage – keeping her in a 'virtual prison' by calling her several times a day and demanding to know what she was doing.

He also repeatedly told Paige she was lazy and spent too much money, once saying: ‘You’re not a very good maid but I’ll keep you around’.

When they split, Franklin was then said to have taken his revenge by accusing her of having a lesbian affair and hiring a private detective who detailed their every action for some time.

Six years later, following his son’s horrific murderous spree, it was revealed that he had provided him the gun.

Amelia Cowles

Amelia Cowes is the biological mother of Dylan Roof and reportedly a bartender.

She divorced Dylan’s father Franklin, prior to his birth – having also given birth to his older sister Amber.

Prior to her attack, it was reported that Dylan was living alternately in Bennett's and Cowles' homes in downtown Columbia and Hopkins respectively.

It is not known how much contact the two parents had.

Who are Dylann Roof siblings?

Amber Roof

Amber Roof is the Dylann’s older sister and the daughter of his biological mother Amelia.

It was reported that Amber was the person responsible for calling authorities to report her own brother as she saw surveillance photos on television.

Her call led to an overnight manhunt that ended with Roof’s arrest soon after.

The Mailonline reported that Amber had been due to get married the week after and was forced to cancel after the tragedy brought on by her brother.

Perhaps indicating the state of their relationship, Dylann had not been invited to the original ceremony.

Morgan Roof

Morgan Roof is the younger half-sister of Dylann and was predominantly raised by her mother Paige.

In 2018, it was reported by the Washington Post that the then 18-year-old had been charged with two counts of carrying weapons on school property and possession of marijuana.

Authorities said that her arrest came after she allegedly posted on Snapchat that “I hope it's a trap and y’all get shot” in reference to classmates participating in a protest against gun violence.

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