Who is Jessica Beauvais?

AN NYPD highway officer was tragically killed after being hit by a drunk driver on the Long Island Expressway on April 27.

Officer Anastasios Tsakos was a 12-year veteran on the NYPD Highway unit and leaves behind his wife, a 6-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son.

Who is Jessica Beauvais?

Beauvais, 32, was the driver behind the wheel of her 2013 Volkswagen the morning of April 27.

According to a criminal complaint, she hit Tsakos head-on, caving in her windshield and sending the officer flying 100 feet onto a patch of grass along the expressway.

The alleged drunk driver kept going several exits before exiting the LIE and mounting a sidewalk.

With police surrounding her,  Beauvais then allegedly tried another escape, reversing twice into a police car behind her, the complaint says.

NYPD police commissioner Dermot Shea said the damage to her vehicle was so extensive that "there's no way to not know that you struck an individual."

"I'm sorry," she said tearfully as she was walked out of the police precinct.

"I'm sorry that I hit him and that he's dead."

What did Beauvais allegedly tell officers?

The 32-year-old reportedly admitted to drinking and smoking marijuana before getting behind the wheel.

After Beauvais was in custody, she was reportedly captured on a body-worn camera saying "What did I do?"

"I smoke weed regularly," she said, according to court documents.

"I drank two glasses of wine earlier today and then dropped my son off in Hempstead. I smoked a joint last night before my podcast that I did in Brooklyn; the podcast was from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

"I brought the bottle of wine I had with me to the podcast. I had two shots of 1800 patron tequila. When I left, I didn't know where I was going so I used my GPS," she allegedly told police.

"I made a left turn and a right turn and ended up at a gas station where the cops stopped me. I don't know why they stopped me, speeding I guess. I did hear a thump, so I knew I hit something but I didn't see what it was."

Authorities say she blew a .15 BAC, nearly double the legal limit, more than two hours after the incident.

What are the charges against Beauvais?

During her arraignment the night of April 27, Beauvais was ordered held without bail at Queens criminal court and is facing a slew of charges.

Charges include manslaughter in the second degree, aggravated manslaughter in the second degree, vehicular manslaughter in the second degree and leaving the scene of an incident without reporting/death.

The 32-year-old faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

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