Who is Joe Neguse's wife Andrea Neguse?

US Representative of Colorado Joe Neguse has been married to his wife Andrea Rael since 2015.

The couple have a daughter together, Natalie, who was born in August 2018.

Who is Joe Neguse?

Joseph Neguse was born on May 13, 1984, in Bakersfield, California.

Neguse has been the US Representative for Colorado's 2nd congressional district since 2019.

He is a member of the Democratic party.

Neguse is the first Eritrean-American elected to the United States Congress, and Colorado's first congressman of African descent.

Neguse is one of the House impeachment managers for Donald Trump's second impeachment trial.

Who is Joe Neguse's wife Andrea Neguse?

Andrea Jimenez Rael, 33, was born on March 19, 1981, in Broomfield, Colorado.

Andrea received a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Colorado.

While in college, she interned at the Boulder Daily Camera and Law Week/State Bill Colorado.

Her career in media began in 2010, as a blogger and citizen journalist.

She was previously the associate editor at The Huffington Post in Denver.

However, Andrea switched her focus from journalism into the tech world.

The 33-year-old was the lead developer at Spotzer, a digital marketing solutions company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

What did Joe Neguse say at Trump's impeachment trial?

In day two of Trump's impeachment trial, Neguse said Trump “summoned, assembled and incited” the mob.

“Senators, this clearly was not just one speech. It didn’t just happen,” Neguse said of Trump’s January 6 remarks that incited a deadly attack on the US Capitol.

“It was part of a carefully planned, months-long effort with a very specific instruction: Show up on January 6th and get your people to fight the certification. He incited it. It was foreseeable.”

Neguse spoke for nearly 30 minutes on February 10, explaining the prosecutors’ case.

“As you’ll see during the course of this trial, that mob was summoned, assembled and incited by the former president of the United States, Donald Trump,” Neguse alleged.

“And he did that because he wanted to stop the transfer of power, so that he could retain power.”

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