Who is Julia Dybowska? Robbie Tchenguiz's girlfriend and Instagram model

JULIA is a model and popular on Instagram with some 350,000 followers.

She appears to work hard posing in revealing outfits and her swimwear.

Who is Julia?

The 27-year-old Polish model is the current girlfriend of entrepreneur Robert Tchenguiz who both live in his £20million Kensington mansion – and his ex wife still lives in the property.

Julia is something of a hit on Instagram and likes to pose with not much on.

Before living in London she lived in Warsaw and had been dubbed the “Polish Barbie Doll” by Kobieta Gazeta.

She currently lives with her millionaire boyfriend Robbie, 57, in a property that overlooks the Royal Albert Hall.

Even his ex wife, Heather Bird, describes her as “undeniably sexy”.

Heather, who was brought up a Mormon in Salt Lake City, told the Mail on Sunday: "It’s a difficult situation to be in, but I don’t really have any choice.

"Robert and his girlfriend are up on the 4th floor and I am downstairs with the kids. It’s heartbreaking to have to share the family home with his girlfriend – particularly one who is undeniably sexy.

"Meanwhile I’m no longer a size eight or even a ten. I’m not fat, but I have put on weight – sometimes I drink red wine to deaden my feelings."

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But the living arrangements could dramatically change if the house is handed over to receivers acting for the Icelandic bank Kaupthing after a court case in Gurensey.

Kaupthing Bank collapsed during the financial crisis of 2008, and had allowed Mr Tchenguiz to borrow £1.6billion from them before it went to the wall.

In 2014, liquidators successfully gained an order from the Royal Court of Guernsey allowing them to take assets from him, including his house.

The ruling was put on hold but a ruling recently means Kaupthing could now sell the house.

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