Who is Roaring Kitty?

ROARING Kitty, has made headlines recently for the part he played in driving a surge in the shares of GameStop Corp (GME).

Here’s all the information you need to know on the YouTuber whose caused a stir in the stock market world this week.

Who is Roaring Kitty? 

Roaring Kitty is a 34-year-old financial advisor from Massachusetts, until recently he worked for insurance giant MassMutual.

Keith Patrick Gill is the person behind the Roaring Kitty YouTube channel.

A married father, according to his YouTube videos, Gill is a Chartered Financial Analyst who had until recently created content for In Good Company.

The initiative is led by MassMutual to “explore different ways to make financial education more accessible,” according to its website. 

What is his YouTube channel?

On his YouTube stream, Gill says his videos provide an approach to investing that is to help set viewers on the right path to build their own investment process. 

“I don’t provide personal investment advice or stock recommendations during the stream,” he said.

In YouTube videos, he expanded upon his own investment thesis, arguing that GME was undervalued, but was well-positioned to rapidly grow its online business.

How did he affect the GameStop stock price? 

In mid-2019, a Reddit user known as Roaring Kitty posted a picture on an online forum depicting a single $53,000 investment in the video-game retailer GameStop (GME).

Over the next year, he began tweeting frequently about GameStop and making YouTube and TikTok videos about his investment. 

That’s when he began livestreaming his financial ideas. 

Other Reddit users began following his every move and piling into GameStop.

He helped attract a flood of retail cash into GME by burning hedge funds who had bet against the company and roiling the broader market.

He has now become a central figure in this week’s stock market frenzy. 

Inspired by him and a small crew of individual investors, hordes of young online traders increased GameStop’s stock price, pitting themselves against sophisticated hedge funds and contesting Wall Street’s norms in the process.

Gill was up over 4000% on stock and options investments in the company, with his GME position plus cash worth nearly $48 million, according to his Reddit posts.

After overseers of the stock market restricted trading in GME on Thursday, Gill posted that he had lost $14.8 million that day alone, but was still up $33 million overall.

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