Who was Hang Yin Leung, when was the pensioner murdered in Milton Keynes and was the killer caught?

HANG Yin Leung’s murder shocked Britain’s tight-knit Hong Kong community, and was the subject of the Channel 4 documentary Catching a Killer.

The family of the innocent 64-year-old are yet to receive any justice for her untimely demise.

Who was Hang Yin Leung?

Hang Yin Leung was a restaurant owner living and working in Milton Keynes.

She grew up in Hong Kong, and worked there as a police officer for 18 years.

She moved from Hong Kong to the UK for a quieter life in 1991, where she started cooking for restaurants.

Her son Keith Leung said she was a "very strong woman who had been through a lot in her life".

When was she murdered in Milton Keynes?

Hang Yin Leung was at home at about 6pm on January 31 2017 just three days before Chinese New Year.

She would have normally been at her restaurant but she was taking the evening off as she had a cold.

Burglars posing as cold-callers burst into her home, pushed her to the floor and robbed her.

The gang stole jewellery, cash and her Hong Kong police medal.

In a statement before her death, Mrs Leung told officers: "Male one pushed me down to the floor of the lounge and used an ice pick to threaten me.

"I struggled and he used his hand to hit me three to four times to the back of my head."

Hang Yin, who had fought breast cancer and had diabetes, died in hospital 11 days later on February 11, 2017.

Was the killer caught?

Though four men were arrested, no one has ever been charged for the murder of Hang Yin.

Despite the popularity of the Catching a Killer documentary in 2018, Hang Yin's family are yet to receive any justice.

DC Jenny Champan, of Thames Valley Police Major Crime Unit, said that the murder case had been 'filed' without any person being charged.

She said: 'There was no forensic opportunity at the house. No DNA, no fingerprints left at the scene by the suspects. There was no CCTV evidence in the vicinity. House to House inquiries were carried out, but nobody heard anything. We couldn't show who had been there."

Catching a Killer: Knock at the Door will repeat on Channel 4 TONIGHT (June 13, 2020) at 10pm.

The documentary is one hour and 25 minutes long.

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