Who was Henderson County Deputy Ryan Hendrix and how did he die?

HENDERSON county Deputy Ryan Hendrix has died following a grisly shootout over an alleged car break-in.

The veteran officer was shot in the face early Thursday morning in North Carolina.

Here is more on the tragic death of Hendrix. 

Who was deputy Ryan Hendrix?

Ryan Hendrix was an eight-year veteran at the Henderson County Sheriff's Office in Hendersonville. 

The 35-year-old served in the Marines prior to starting his career in law enforcement.

Hendrix, who was engaged to be married, is survived by his fiancée and two children. 

What happened to him?

Hendrix responded to a call about an alleged vehicle at around 2:50am on Thursday.

When he arrived at the scene on Bethea Drive along Piney Ridge, residents in the Mountain Home community claimed they heard a loud noise outsidethe home

They told cops they saw the suspect, who was later identified as Robert Ray Doss Jr, breaking into their car.

The resident told police that there was a weapon inside the vehicle and according to Sheriff Lowell Griffin, they exchanged fire with Doss Jr.

The resident retrieved back inside his home and Henderson County deputies approached the home looking for Doss Jr, who was sitting in a pick-up truck across the road from where the 911 call was placed.

Griffin said Doss Jr initially appeared to comply with authorities, but then quickly pulled out a gun and opened fire, shooting Hendrix in the face.

Hendrix was rushed to Mission Hospital and was pronounced brain dead by doctors on Thursday afternoon. 

What happened to the suspect?

Doss Jr was fatally shot by other deputies after he opened fire and struck Hendrix. 

Doss Jr was from Virginia and was wanted by South Carolina Probation and Parole officials, according to Griffin.

He had a criminal history that includes drug offenses, larceny and felony theft in South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland and Virginia, according to parole officials.

Another person of interest in the case is in custody, Griffin said.

What did the police say about Hendrix’s death?

The Sheriff's office released a statement about the deputy's passing, saying: "It is with a heavy heart the family of Henderson County Deputy Ryan Hendrix and Sheriff Lowell Griffin announce Ryan’s passing today at 12:57 p.m. 

“Early this morning while the world slept, Ryan responded to assist a family needing help when they became innocent victims of a violent encounter."

“We all know the tragic outcome, but Ryan refuses to let the story end there," deputies said.

"Even in passing Ryan continues to exemplify a servant’s heart. You see, Ryan was also an organ donor," the sheriff's statement reads. 

“He will continue to help strangers for a lifetime, even after making the ultimate sacrifice.

"Ryan’s family wants everyone to know that 'Ryan was doing the job he was born to do and he died doing the job he loved."

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