Why are investigators searching Rudy Giuliani's apartment?

RUDY Giuliani was the 107th mayor of New York City and the personal lawyer of former President Donald Trump.

Giuliani worked closely with Trump during his one term as President of the United States.

Why are investigators searching Rudy Giuliani's apartment?

On April 28, the New York Times, citing sources, reported federal investigators allegedly searched Giuliani's New York City apartment and seized his electronic devices.

It marks a step up in the criminal investigation into the former NYC mayor's dealings in Ukraine.

According to the Times, the United States Attorney’s office in Manhattan and the FBI has been seeking a search warrant for Giuliani's phones for months.

The Justice Department repeatedly sought to block such a warrant under the Trump administration.

The path was reportedly cleared for the search to be carried out after Merrick B. Garland was confirmed as President Joe Biden’s attorney general.

However, a search warrant is not an indication of any wrongdoing on Giuliani's part.

A request for comment from the FBI and US attorney's office was not immediately returned.

What are the business dealings between Giuliani and Ukraine?

The long-running investigation into Giuliani is focused on whether he illegally lobbied the ex-president's administration.

The probe is looking to confirm if Giuliani lobbied on behalf of Ukrainian officials and oligarchs in 2019.

It is also investigating whether these Ukrainian officials were helping Giuliani dig for dirt on Trump's rival Biden and his son Hunter at the time.

Giuliani also sought to undermine former US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, who was pushed out on Trump’s orders and met several times with a Ukrainian lawmaker who released edited recordings of Biden in an effort to smear him before the election.

As part of the investigation into Giuliani, prosecutors have explored whether he was working not only for Trump but also for Ukrainian officials or businesses who wanted Yovanovitch dismissed for their own reasons, the Times reported.

Under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, it is a federal crime to try to influence or lobby the United States government at the request or direction of a foreign official without disclosing it to the Justice Department.

Prosecutors have also scrutinized Giuliani's dealings with Yuriy Lutsenko, one of the officials who helped the former NYC mayor and his associates in their dirt-digging mission.

Among other things, the prosecutors have examined discussions Giuliani had about taking on hundreds of thousands of dollars in apparently unrelated consulting business from Lutsenko.

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