Woman, 29, dies of horror infection after docs misdiagnose her deadly cyst FOUR TIMES and sent her home

AN ‘AMAZING’ young woman died after a cyst on her leg became infected, leaving her with deadly pneumonia.

Tragic Natasha Forry, 29, died ten days after going to hospital with an enlarged cyst on her leg despite returning three times in agonising pain.

The ‘healthy’ bartender from Vancouver, Canada, reassured her mum with the words “don’t cry mum” in an emotional phone call – but the next day she was dead.

“Natasha was this incredible girl, my only child, and she had a future, a bright future,” mum Ann Forry told CBC.

“How does a healthy 29-year-old die?”

How does a healthy 29-year-old die?

The former film casting executive first went to hospital with an enlarged cyst on her leg that needed draining.

Natasha was given painkillers and sent home feeling better.

But a week later on October 9, the pain had spread to her abdomen and medics at a local walk-in centre referred her to the emergency room at Lions Gate Hospital, in Vancouver, with suspected appendicitis.

After tests and X-rays, the young woman was told she had swollen lymph nodes in her stomach and sent home with painkillers, added her grief-stricken mum.

Terrified Natasha was in agony again the next day, mum Ann wrote on online petition In Their Name.

“It broke my heart to hear her in so much pain but I knew that there wasn’t anything I could do to help her. I believed the hospital was the best place for her to get care,” she explained.

The young woman, who had recently launched her own natural dry shampoo for dogs, returned to the hospital, only to be sent away with more painkillers.

“On the morning of Sunday October 11th, Natasha called and relayed to me with difficulty that she was having trouble breathing. I told her to call 9-1-1 immediately,” revealed mum Ann.

“Shortly after, Natasha called and said she was at the hospital. I was relieved. I thought she must be okay if she was able to call. I started to cry and she replied to me “don’t cry mum”.

“Those would be my daughter’s last words to me.”

Natasha was rushed to intensive care, where she was put on a ventilator with suspected Covid-19 and given kidney dialysis.

But despite the Covid-19 test coming back negative, the next Ann heard from doctors was a phone call first thing on the morning of Thanksgiving telling her to get to the hospital.

“We arrived at the ICU and saw a sea of expressionless faces,” said devastated Ann.

“My lovely Natasha was gone.”


An autopsy report showed she died as a result of pneumonia caused by a staphylococcus infection.

While the autopsy report does not definitely say the infection was a result of the cyst, it raises that possibility, added Ann, who has filed a complaint with the College of Physicians.

Vancouver Coastal Health issued a statement in response to Natasha Forry's death.

“This is a tragic situation, and we share our deepest condolences with the family and loved ones,” the health authority said.

“We know this is a difficult and stressful situation. However, patient privacy and confidentiality prevent us from publicly discussing the details of this case.

"We conducted a review to examine the circumstances and our processes in the care of this patient, and will use these findings to improve care.”

She was so loved and such an incredible, brilliant, beautiful, caring, amazing human being.

Best friend Parmis Ghodsi paid tribute to Natasha in an emotional post on Facebook, describing her pal as a “brilliant, beautiful, caring, amazing human being”.

“This has been the biggest loss for me in my life and one I am still dealing with the grief of,” she wrote.

“She was so loved and such an incredible, brilliant, beautiful, caring, amazing human being.

“Words don’t do justice to describe who this person was to me, her amazing mum, and to so many others who are still dealing with this tremendous loss too.”

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