Woman defends moving 4000 miles to marry death row murderer and have his baby

A woman has defended her decision to have a baby boy with a convicted double murderer on death row.

Sigrid, 39, married 33-year-old Alan Wade who was convicted in 2005 following the robbery, kidnapping and first-degree murders of Reggie and Carol Sumner.

The retired couple from Jacksonville were buried alive by Alan and his accomplices Tiffany Ann Cole, Michael James Jackson and Bruce Kent Nixon who had gained access to their home by asking to use the phone.

Sigrid and Alan struck up a relationship after exchanging letters and she has now moved from France to the US to live one hour away from him at Union Correctional Institution in Florida, reports the Sun.

Sigrid, who doesn't want to reveal how she got pregnant with him behind bars, said: “I started writing to death row inmates because I was against the death penalty.

“I believe in second chances and rehabilitation.

“When I started to realise I was having feelings for him and him for me, we both got scared.

“We took a step back and we tried to stop writing to each other and we were both miserable.

“And after six weeks he wrote back – his first words were I love you.”

She added: “When people learn about my relationship, most of the comments I have is that I don’t care about the victims.

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“It’s hard to be in a relationship that is based on something that is so tragic.

“My family was not happy, they were really scared for me. They thought he was the worst person ever.

“I think it’s important that we can sit and explain to my son how he was conceived before someone else does it for us.

“I like to respond ‘he is in prison, but I’m not.'".

She carried on: “I would just like a few people to really understand me.

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“He makes me happy and I don’t get why it bothers people so much."

With the help of a friend, Sigrid has now set up a penpal site so that other people can write to people on death row.

She said: “We really truly believe that people are more than the worst action of their life.

“Being with Alan has changed everything in my life because I’ve really embraced who I am completely.

“I’m loved unconditionally by someone who I love the same way. This is something that I would have never wanted with anyone else.”

Speaking of being aware her son is now growing up without a dad she said: “Everybody who has a baby knows how much they grow in such a short amount of time.

“I try to send short videos, but it’s not the same.

“I will tell him that his dad is not who people are going to tell him he is. He is an amazing person who is really caring and sweet and that he loves him very very much.”

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