Woman gives birth to conjoined twins with two heads, three hands and one heart

A young couple was left gobsmacked after their twin babies were born with one heart, two heads, and three hands in an extremely rare case.

First-time mum Babita Ahirwa, 21, fainted after giving birth to conjoined twins at the district hospital in Vidisha.

Doctors identified only one heart during the newborn's ultrasound and have said there’s very little chance of such children living a normal life.

The mum is said to be in stable condition, while the child is under special observation at the hospital's Special Newborn Care Unit.

Babita’s husband, Jaswant Singh Ahirwar, 25, said: “My wife fainted after she saw the baby.

“We are shocked. It is unbelievable.

“We cannot believe our child has two heads.

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The couple was told they were going to have twins after an ultrasound was performed on the expecting mother on the 35th week of her pregnancy.

Jaswant added: “We were happy to have two kids but it is one baby with two heads.”

“This is my baby and I will raise him as he is.

“I am yet to hold him in my hands.

“As long as he is alive, I will love him and take care of him.

Crowds of people flocked to the hospital after news of the unusual case went viral.

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Dr. Sanjay Khare, civil surgeon of the hospital, said: “We have to tackle crowds of people who are coming to see the baby after the spread of news.”

Doctors said it was a critical operation as they didn’t expect a conjoined baby.

The hospital’s pediatric specialist, Surendra Sonkar, said the baby would be referred to an advance hospital for further treatment.

She said: “We are taking care of baby and will take the opinion of expert doctors in Chopal and Delhi, who had earlier done the operation of such kids."

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The incident comes months after a woman gave birth to a baby girl with three heads in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

The unidentified woman was rushed to hospital after experiencing extreme pain, where she delivered the three-headed baby girl said to be suffering from Encephaloceles, a rare birth defect.

According to doctors, Babita Ahirwa’s case is the first of this kind in Vidisha.

This type of rare case occurs when the fetus doesn’t develop properly, jeopardising the child’s chances of leading a normal life.

The National Health Portal of India claims birth defects are prevalent in India by 6-7%, which translates to approximately 1.7 million birth defects annually.

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