Woman reveals how husband tricked her into believing he had terminal cancer

A devastated woman whose husband lied about having terminal cancer has said he "stole so much of my life".

Dishonest David Carroll, 35, convinced Lucy Witchard that he had leukaemia, and in 2015 her mum gave him £2,000 to go to the US for treatment.

In reality he traveled across the Atlantic for a holiday.

Last week he was given a suspended prison sentence for fraud after convincing MS sufferer Linda Eccles to give him the cash for life-saving treatment.

Ms Witchard, who has since divorced Carroll, told the BBC that he would not allow her to come with him to ‘chemotherapy’ sessions.

She said: "He would say, ‘I’m protecting you from this’ and I’d get too emotional being there.

"When I questioned his treatment he threatened to leave me saying our relationship could not work if I didn’t trust him."

After she became suspicious and questioned him about his condition, Ms Witchard said Carroll "went ballistic".

He even got a friend from his work to ring her pretending to be his doctor.

She said: "I knew after that phone call that our marriage was over."

Prosecutors told Leicester Magistrates’ Court that “the whole plan was to fake the cancer to get the money”.

Carroll’s mother-in-law said: “He told me that he had been given five to 10 months to live and there was no other treatment available to him.

“How could I stand by, knowing that I had money to help my daughter’s dying husband, prevent my daughter from becoming a widow.

“I gave Dave £2,000 to help contribute to the funds he needed to travel to America to save his life.

“He has violated our family by his lies, deceit and selfishness.”

The scam was uncovered when his sister-in-law became suspicious and investigated.

Carroll, from Ruthin, Wales, was convicted of defrauding his mother-in-law of £2,000 between May 1 and June 3, 2015.

He was give a 26-week suspended sentence and ordered to complete 180 hours unpaid work.

Gordon Hart, defending, said: “He has betrayed his family by his faking of illness. This fraud is definitely a one-off event.”

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