Woman run down and killed by car and 47 injured in France fuel tax protests

The 50-year-old victim was helping to block a major roundabout in Pont-de-Beauvoisin, in the eastern Savoie region, when she was mown down at around 10am local time.

The mum behind the wheel, was taking her child to the doctors, when protestors surrounded her car and started banging on the roof.

An Interior Ministry source said: "It was then that she ran over one of the demonstrators, killing her.

"The driver was arrested by police on the spot, and faces criminal charges."

A 71-year-old man was knocked down and suffered serious injuries in the northern city of Arras, after he was struck by a car.

The driver drove into a crowd of demonstrators before speeding off, la Voix du Nord newspaper reported.

Two people were hurt after a truck driver mounted a pavement and drove into a crowd of protesters in Hazebrouck, northern France, the newspaper added.

And two more people were badly hurt after a driver that was surrounded by protesters, turned around and collided into two oncoming cars, in Besançon, L'Est Républicain reported.

Police have said three of the injured are in a serious condition, but officials have not explained how the 47 were injured.

Some incidents occurred as drivers not taking part tried to get around the blockades, police sources said.

Officers arrested 24 people just hours after the protest began and 24 have been held for questioning.

The protesters are all part of a ‘Yellow Vests’ movement.

They were largely planned on social media to prevent road access to some fuel depots and airports.

Now the Yellow Vests have also drawn support from some who are dissatisfied with Macron's economic reforms and his governing style.

The yellow vest movement has snowballed swiftly over the past month, catching Macron and even opposition parties off guard.

It has already prompted a rare concession from the government, which announced last Wednesday fresh funds to help motorists on the lowest incomes.

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