Woman shows off TJ Maxx & Marshalls haul – picking up branded products for a QUARTER of the price

A WOMAN showed off her TJ Maxx & Marshalls haul– revealing she picked up branded products for a QUARTER of the price.

The YouTuber revealed her shopping haul in a video, as she showed off her makeup and beauty finds with her followers.

YouTuber Paige Koren revealed the finds with her followers.

The first item she showed off was a mini-size vegan milk cleanser from the brand Milk – which retails for $15, but she snagged for just $5.99.

"I was like – you know what, I can't beat this deal. I have to try it," she said.

She then went on to show her makeup finds in her haul from Marshalls.

In a discount deal, she showed off a travel-size highlighter and primer set from Marc Jacobs.

"This was a little pricey I thought, this was $14.99," Koren said.

The package retails for $36 – meaning it was still nearly 60percent off.

Next, she showed off a shimmering skin protector she snagged for $10– from the brand Becca.

"These are like $38 normally," Koren said.

She added: "I thought this was so pretty and I love peachy anything so I definitely had to pick this up."

Koren revealed several products from the brand Cover FX – which she said she doesn't know if she's found at TJ Maxx or Marshalls before.

She showed off a dewy finish setting spray, which she snagged for $4.99, a discount from the $15 retail tag, and a dewy skin primer from the same brand for $9.99 – nearly 75percent off the $38 retail price..

"I picked up a concealer from Urban Decay," she said as she showed off another package.

It cost just $6.99 – a fraction of the usual $29 price tag.

Koren next showed she found a lash primer from Milk – which retails for $25. She snagged it for just $7.99.

"Literally these prices are insane," she said.

She revealed she found a liquid lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills for $5.99. The product normally would have put someone out $20.

Although it's not a "brand name" product, Koren revealed she snagged a Maybelline mascara for just $3.99 – a steal from the $10.49 price tag at other stores.

Koren revealed a lip kit from Mac – which retails for $58, but she found for just $19.99.

The kit came complete with a lip scrub, lip gloss, and lip primer.

She then showed off several Nars products – as she said Marshalls was "loaded" with items from the brand.

The first Nars item she snagged was a blush that originally costs $30 – but she found for just $12.99.

She then showed off a mini eyeshadow palette, which she found for $10 – 70percent off the $34 retail price.

The palette had six different eyeshadow shades in it.

"I also found this little set here, which has an eyeshadow primer, an eyeliner and a mini mascara," she revealed.

"This cost $12.99," she added, as she revealed the sticker price is usually $24.

In her last find, she revealed she found Nars' cool crush eyeshadow palette for $24.99.

The price was a steal, as it retails for $59.

"I just couldn't pass this up. I could not," Koren said.

She added: "That's like 50percent off.

In total, the retail price of the makeup and beauty items would have put her back $431 – but she snagged the haul for just $151.86.

People were blown away by Koren's finds.

"I need to check out TJ Maxx and Marshall’s!!! It seems like they have so many hidden gems," one person commented.

Another said: "TJ Maxx and Marshall’s are so dangerous," one person commented. "it’s so hard not to buy all of the makeup and skin care lol"

"I’ve never bought beauty from Marshall’s or TJ MAXX! looks like they have some hidden gems," another person commented.

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